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Please only use this form for comments about the practice and suggestions as to how we can improve our service to you. Medical matters and official complaints cannot be dealt with via this form. If you have a query regarding a medical matter please telephone reception to make an appointment to see the appropriate person.

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What happens if you need to change to a different practice?

Reasons why you may need to change to a different GP practice

  • Due to a change of address (e.g. if you move out of your practice area)
  • If you move into a care home outside of your practice area (e.g. if you can no longer manage at home and need residential or nursing care)
  • If you go to University
  • If you move abroad
  • By choice (e.g. if you are dissatisfied with the service of your current GP practice)
  • If you have been removed from the practice list (e.g. due to abusive or threatening behaviour towards staff or a breakdown of the relationship between you and your GP)
  • If you are sentenced to time in HM Prison

Finding a new GP Practice

You can find details of local GP practices online at It may be helpful for you to ask neighbours, family or friends for recommendations. Information about practices can be found online at

If you move out of the practice boundary area and outer boundary area, you will need to register with a GP practice who covers the area in which you live.  If this is the case, we will give you up to 28 days in which to register at a GP practice. If you haven’t registered with a new GP practice within 28 days, you will be de-registered and your medical records will be returned to the NHS regional medical records office for safe storage until you do register with a GP.

If you have moved into a residential or nursing care home, the care home may advise a particular practice.  There may be services in place with a practice for dispensing of medications or GP ward rounds for example.  However, the choice of GP practice remains yours to make.

Registration Process

When you have decided which practice you would like to register with, you need to contact them to find out how you can register. Some practices will accept online registrations and others may need you to attend in person to register.

When you register with a new GP practice, you will no longer be registered with your previous GP practice. Any outstanding appointments that you had with your previous GP practice will be cancelled. However, any outstanding hospital appointments will remain unchanged. You should notify the hospital of your change of address and/or GP.

You do not need to contact your previous GP practice to notify them. The NHS will automatically request your medical records from your previous GP practice. This request is done electronically and usually happens within 1 – 3 days.

When your previous GP practice receives the request for your medical records, they arrange for your computerised medical record to be sent to your new GP practice electronically through the NHS National Spine via a process called GP2GP. This usually happens within a few days (please note that if you chose to opt out of the National Data Service, your electronic record cannot be sent this way so your new GP will not have your medical history or details of your medication until he/she receives your paper medical records).

Your paper medical records will be sent to the NHS regional medical records office securely through a Special Courier Service then it is sent to your new GP practice. This process can take up to several weeks but you can still contact your new GP practice for your healthcare including appointments and repeat prescriptions because they will be responsible for you from the time your registration is accepted.